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Change Management Consulting

Business transformation through organizational, technological, or process change carries a risk of uncertainty that causes confusion, denial, or fear.

There is a big difference between bringing about a change and mobilizing a transformation. A change process consists of modifying events, tasks, or actions, so that what was not done before is done and vice versa. On the other hand, a transformation process has an inherent psychological factor, it implies eliminating or changing behavioral patterns in people to achieve their best version.

It is here where Change Management Consulting or Coaching plays an important role in guaranteeing a successful implementation in projects of this nature.

Jumpstarting Business Transformation

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At Linnoit we have certifications granted by the “Lean Change Management Association” that enable us to make use of its Transformation Framework (LCM Cycle), which consists of co-creating, together with our clients, processes of transformation of complex situations, in transformations in small steps, experimentation, and learning.

Transformation is the path, not the end. With this in mind, we offer to accompany you in your transformation process, depending on your needs:

  • Cultural changes to align the organization or work areas to new strategies.
    Digital transformation projects.
    Transformation of leadership styles.
  • Process reengineering projects.
  • New technology implementation projects.
  • Changes in regulations or compliance with process audits, among others.

Driving transformation strategies with Lean Change Management (LCM)

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We do not seek for our clients to have superficial success in a short period of time, but we enable organizations to manage change in a constant and autonomous way, because once an organization starts a transformation process, it will hardly be able to stop doing it.

We make use of different models to tune in to the current situation, design future situations and establish strategies and plans to follow in order to achieve the agreed objectives. Some of these are:

  • LCM Cycle
  • Schneider Cultural Model
  • Satir Change Model
  • ADKAR Model
  • Design Thinking Model
  • FOGG Model
  • SCARF Model
  • Factors to consider before implementing change

Before starting a change or transformation initiative, you need to have answers to these questions:

  • Are you immersed in a change or transformation process?
  • How empowered are you to lead the change/transformation?
  • What initial offer are you going to make?
  • Are you clear about what to do and how to do it?
  • Do you have personnel in your organization prepared for this challenge?
  • Who are your “allies” and who are your “rivals” in this process?
  • How are you going to measure and report the results?

At Linnoit we support you in your change or transformation projects. Contact us for more information about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We recommend evaluating the hiring of a Change Management specialist when any of the following cases arise:

a. In Transformation Projects.

b. When consultants in organizational culture are required to intervene in the expected change.

c. When there is a change of leadership in the executive staff.

d. It is required to train people due to structural, process or technological changes.

e. Changes in communication or due to acquired commitments.

a. Skepticism.

b. Low or no communication of the change to be made.

c. Bad information, rumors or fears.

d. Operational systems or structures that go against the change.

e. Doing too many things in too little time.

Change Management is often thought of as just another task on busy schedules and a distraction from your priority activities. The recommendation is to demonstrate that you are working from the design, development and delivery of the change to ensure the adoption and use of the new practices.

Understanding and aligning expectations with the project sponsor is vital. Make sure you both have the same goals and are clear on the communication, training and change measurement options you can implement.

First due to the nature of the change and the estimated impact within the organization, second due to lack of budget to include this role in the project and third due to lack of knowledge of the benefits and risks mitigated by having the Change Management role.

Seeking collective evolution within the organization is the great challenge within Change Management. For this, communication is fundamental. Your message must be clear and simple “What is the reason for the change and how is it going to be accomplished?” this must be widely understood by the entire organization.

Our offices are located in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. We have presence in the main cities of our country such as Monterrey and its metropolitan area, CDMX and Guadalajara. Remotely we serve the rest of our country and abroad; mainly: United States, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina.


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