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Project Management Consulting

According to the Pulse of the Profession study published in 2016 by the Project Management Institute, a poorly managed project can have a waste of resources of up to 12.2%.

A project manager or project consultant (Project Manager) has the responsibility to manage the material and human resources to achieve a defined objective. And this must be done within a restrictive time and cost framework.

Project Management

Why is a Project Manager required?

servicios gestion de proyectos - linnoit

The management of human talent in organizations is a challenging task for managers or area directors. A Project Manager (PM) using methodologies and experience can plan, manage, and supervise all personnel involved in a project.

Additionally, he/she must ensure the delivery of a high-impact final product for the company, respecting the strategy, time, and budget approved for it.

Finally, the participation of a Project Manager in a project will be concluded with the delivery of the measurement of the benefits outlined in the project and materialized in its completion.

Project Management Consultancy Services

What Is Project Management Consultancy?

servicio de oficina de proyectos - linnoit

We help our clients with the leadership and control of the material and economic resources deployed in a project. As well as with the fulfillment of the deadlines and results set.

We have consultants trained in the best practices of project management such as the Project Management Institute and the use of standard technology tools such as Microsoft Project or Smartsheet and specialized tools in Project Management and Agile methodologies such as CELOXIS.

Additionally, as most business projects are oriented to the transformation of business processes, we always keep in mind the disciplines that must be integrated to ensure the success of the project:

  • Business Processes
  • Information Technology
  • Change management
  • Business specialists

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In concrete terms, it ensures that the right people do the right job within a constrained framework of time, budget, and verifiable results at the end of the project.

A Project Manager, due to his experience and preparation, has a vision that goes beyond the simple fulfillment of a deadline and a result. His commitment to follow the strategy defined by the company helps the projects in which he participates to be of high impact.

– Commitment management
– Time management
– Human talent management
– Budget management
– Communication skills
– Teamwork
– Leadership
– Problem-solving
– Use of specialized technological tools

– Define the objectives and purposes of the project

– Project planning

РProject organization 

– Leadership during project execution

– Recording and monitoring compliance with a work plan

– Reporting progress and deviations to various audiences within the company

– Risk management

– Implementation of adjustments and changes to solve problems

There are a variety of tools that can be used, we can classify them into boards, whiteboards and the classic project management tools. Here we share the ones that we think are very helpful and that every PM should know:

– Celoxis, our recommendation as a specialized tool.

– Miro, our recommendation as a management and collaboration tool.

– Smartsheet

– Microsoft Project

– Asana

– Trello

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