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Process Modeling and Simulation

The most objective way to know the effectiveness of a change to a business process is through the realization of a simulation. This represents its behavior under a series of previously selected or generated metrics.

We can compare different behaviors through the simulation of process modeling.

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Buisness Process Redesign Service

Business Process Modeling and Simulation is a composite service that evaluates the behavior of different variants of the same process. Each process variant will be modeled and will have its improvement proposal and associated metrics or dimensions such as time, quantity, iterations, and cost. The main idea is to check which of the proposed models will perform better and objectively make the best decision.

Each model to be simulated includes a map of the redesigned process, which together with the specified dimensions will be processed by a simulation tool such as ADONIS.

Therefore, with this information, the simulation will be able to find, for example, an analysis of bottlenecks, the behavior of execution times and routes, costs, and prediction of results. In addition to the above, it will also be possible to create comparisons between several previously modeled processes, which will give greater certainty of the changes to be implemented.

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Simulation using ADONIS BPM Suite

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Demonstrating a business process can be equally or more important than modeling it.

The representation of business processes through modeling and simulation will provide your organization with insights that will help improve the ROI of the improvements to be implemented. It will also strengthen your internal Business Process, Continuous Improvement, or IT teams through the participation of expert consultants and a powerful tool such as BOC Group’s ADONIS Business Transformation Suite.

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That’s right, keep in mind that we first establish work sessions and the fulfillment of the prerequisites that we set for them to obtain the best results.

Your question is not an easy one, since it depends on several factors, among them the industry you are in. But the clients who require this type of service are those who want to be sure that the change they are going to make in a process will generate the established ROI.

Depending on the complexity of the process and if the map of the process to be simulated is already available, it generally takes 3-4 weeks to deliver the results.

No, we only simulate business processes.