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Business Processes Consulting

We believe that an organization is only as good as its business processes. For this reason, and with the change of environment derived from the sanitary contingency, it is time to transform yours.

Seize the moment to achieve your company's desired performance. Optimize cycle times and focus your energies on solving the needs of your consumers with the maximum customer experience.

At Linnoit we are ready to help you improve, innovate or transform your business processes to achieve the established business strategy.


Transformation Processes Consultant

Consultoria en Procesos de Negocio - Linnoit

We see Business Processes as a series of synchronized actions, executed by different competent people in the field, who collaborate with each other, in order to satisfy customer orders or offers. This is framed by rules and controls that determine the pattern and scope of the actions.

Under the previous approach and with the use of well proven methodologies, our intervention is always focused on producing value for you, depending on the nature of the processes and the type of service you contract:

  • Project
  • Daily or Monthly rates
  • Results based

Our Business Process Reengineering includes deliverables such as

  • Business Architecture design and documentation.
  • Business Process Analysis or Diagnosis
  • Business Process Design
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Process mapping (process flow diagram).
  • Continuous Improvement for Operational Processes
  • Fundamentals for Process Auditing
  • Building solutions to implement a Business Process
  • Business Process Implementation
  • Standard Business Process Documentation

Our consultancy makes sense if you have any of these needs

Consultoria en Procesos de Negocio - Linnoit

We recommend evaluating the hiring of our business process consulting services when you have any of these concerns or interests:

Concerns (problems)

  • You want to correct business processes.
  • Achieve efficiency and effectiveness in different areas of the business.
  • Detect problems: your organization does not know if it is working with the right structure and processes.
  • Merge with another company.
  • Get certified in an ISO Standard.

Interests (prevention)

  • Improve the definition, knowledge and development of your Value Chain.
  • Efficient production processes.
  • Enhance your supply chain.
    Execute a business strategy.
  • Institutionalization of your company or business.
  • Facilitate coordination and communication between different areas of the business.
  • Rethink your business to innovate.
  • Standardize processes.
    Innovate processes.
  • Measure, improve and manage customer experience.
    Audit business processes.
  • Incorporate technological innovations, improvements in communications, new institutional software, etc.
  • Orchestrate processes (iBPM).
  • Document processes for automation with RPA technologies (software robots).
  • Implement or get certified in ITIL

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Frequently Asked Questions

A series of synchronized actions, executed by different competent people in the field, who collaborate with each other, in order to satisfy customer orders or offers. The above, framed by rules and controls that determine the pattern and scope of actions.

1.- Information technology not as required

2.- Input not as required

3.- Process Management System not in place, not aligned, poorly executed

4.- Process workflow is flawed

5.- Resources not as required

6.- Results expectations not aligned, clear, communicated

7.- Underlying model is flawed

All the business processes of a company must be classified in Strategic Processes, Core Processes (value chain) or Support Processes.

No, a policy is a key element within the definition of a business process that tells the rules to be followed and the scope of those rules.

No, a procedure is one of the components of a business process that tells you the steps to follow to achieve a business goal.

BPM is the abbreviation for Business Process Management.

BPM is a concept that has as its objective the knowledge and administration of a company’s business processes, in such a way that it enters a cycle of continuous improvement, seeking efficiency, innovation or transformation of the same.

BPM (Business Process Management) is a methodology that has a life cycle of several stages, ranging from the alignment of processes with the strategy defined by the company, through the analysis, design, implementation and monitoring of new designs and ending with continuous improvement. These stages may or may not be managed using specialized tools. Whereas process analysis studies the way processes are currently happening (As-Is) and processes are redesigned in search of efficiencies (To-Be).

Continuous improvement is the constant effort to improve the business processes that make up the value chain of a company (core or constitutive processes), in order to achieve maximum efficiency and customer experience.

It is a methodology used for the design, improvement or innovation of products, services, business processes, business models, customer experience, etc. It is focused on the customer and on generating creative solutions to the problems and concerns that affect them.

Design new business processes or identify areas of opportunity in an existing business process, to propose solutions aimed at improving, innovating or transforming it.


What Clients Say

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