core business processes for cement


core business processes for concrete

The year 2020 will be remembered in history as the year of the pandemic. A year in which human life was affected and widely documented by the ravages of a virus invisible to human sight. The effects on the construction industry were considerable worldwide. Governments stopped all non-critical activities, leaving construction without labor for several months.

The operational continuity in this industry will be given as normality arrives to the cities and countries. It is estimated that the underperformance of governments in strategic or priority projects will help give a positive impulse to the construction sector.

The importance of being able to participate in this industry through agile, dynamic, flexible and efficient companies is a must. No matter if it is a large or small company, the challenge is the same for all.

This requires that they have clear differentiators of competitiveness in their Business ProcessInformation Process and Information Technology Architecture and this is where Linnoit can help you to produce great value, given the skills we have for it.


We have extensive experience in the Cement, Concrete, Rod Corrugated and Construction industries. We have carried out initiatives such as:

  • Business Process Architecture definition.
  • Definition of Business Models.
  • Design or redesign of operational business processes, proposing disruptive changes and alignment to industry trends.
  • Recommendations for business process optimization.

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