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Business Process Reengineering in the Industry

The Business Processes Reengineering, as well as their optimization, is a discipline that is required in all areas of a business that intends to focus on the client, be efficient, institutional, scalable and extrapolated.

Through Business Process Reengineering the alignment of your Information Processes and an your IT Architecture at Linnoit we have successfully delivered improvement, transformation or innovation offers in companies oriented to various vertical markets, achieving a true customer focus, efficiency of your processes and opportunity, quality and reliability of your information.


We have a wide industry experience

Banking & Finance

The challenges of the financial industry have always gone hand in hand with the market in which they operate and information technologies, continuously in search of security, simplicity, simplicity of procedures and services and finally accessibility.

Retail & Lifestyale

Business processes within the consumer industry will need to be completely redesigned in a post-pandemic or post-VID-19 era, this statement is due to the fact that health measures have been imposed by many countries and self-imposed by many retail participants.

Food & Beverage

Consumers are increasingly careful about the food they eat. Also, the content of the products that are marketed every day is more and more studied and regulated by the competent authorities of the countries.


The distribution logistics industry continuously faces diverse challenges within a highly competitive market being a key element in the supply chain logistics for almost any company.


he year 2020 will be remembered in history as the year of the pandemic. A year in which human life was affected and widely documented by the ravages of a virus invisible to human sight.


The oil industry through its operations with Methane (natural gas), Ethane (light olefins) and Naphthas (aromatics) make up the main chains within the petrochemical industry.

Education & Learning

It is the process of teaching, through which a person initiates a learning process based on didactic and psychological models; generally regulated by government agencies in charge of the homologation of a minimum of knowledge to be taught.

Medical & Pharma

With many countries in the world investing in the health and welfare sector, less than 9 percent of a country’s gross domestic product, which is the minimum figure recommended by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)...

IT & Technology

The 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) exhibited for the first time at the Hannover Fair in Germany would encompass many concepts, but would set the course in the following years for information technologies...


When the telecommunications industry sought to innovate by offering cell phone, internet and television packages, it kept the fixed-line telephone service, which had been declining for years, in use.


The manufacturing industry and the manufacturing systems that represent it, have evolved at a great pace in just over 100 years, today worldwide countries are competing to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)...


The automotive industry in Mexico is an example of how a country can develop and specialize in a productive domain.
History goes back to 1921-1935, when the first investments were made by Buick, Ford, General Motors (GM) and Chrysler...

Aviation & Aerospace

The aerospace industry is one of the most important, complex and technologically sophisticated in the world, after removing the hegemony of the passenger shipping industry the aerospace activity was developing in time the following chains to mention some...


The trucking industry has been revolutionized with the development of new technologies that have helped to minimize or eliminate its eternal problems; however, fluctuations in the price of diesel and its quality, the good or bad condition of the national road infrastructure...