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With many countries in the world investing in the health and welfare sector, at least 9% of their gross domestic product, the minimum recommended by the OECD, there is a huge potential for industry growth in a post-pandemic world.

Many governments will begin to encourage investment in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Without ignoring the medical industry, which year after year is becoming more relevant in countries that promote health tourism, which they see as a worthy industry to follow.

Countries like Mexico and Colombia are beginning to be attractive for medical tourism or health tourism. This refers to that activity by which a person, and generally an accompanying person, visits another country for the purpose of receiving medical attention, medical treatment or post-operative recovery stays.

In the case of Mexico, its proximity to the United States and a cost per treatment between 40% and 60% less, make it an attractive destination. In the case of Colombia, being within the range of no more than 4 hours of travel and a high recognition for its dental, plastic and cosmetic treatments, have made it an attractive place, even, for celebrities.


The challenge is not simple, but in Linnoit we are in the best position to participate with our services, both in the definition of your business model, and in the redesign of your Business ProcessesInformation Processes, or IT Architecture to support them. We will consider the trends in this industry, as well as the best practices worldwide.

Finally, we also offer our services to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) where required.

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