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IBM Cloud Paks

Hybrid cloud platform with AI

What is IBM Cloud Pak System? 

IBM Cloud Pak is a converged infrastructure platform, that is, there is a computing power, network, storage, management systems and a preconfigured application that works and is managed as a single system.

The platform has pre-integrated VMware, RedHat Openshift and the following IBM Cloud Paks solutions:

  • Cloud Pak for Automation
  • Cloud Pak for Data
  • Cloud Pak for Integration
  • Cloud Pak for Applications
  • Cloud Pak for Security

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Reduce your operating costs by redesigning, optimizing, and automating processes.

Processes define the way the company will work and move forward. No one can ignore that companies today are more interested in automating processes. But more and more we see that certain processes can be automated, there are processes of low added value from the point of view of what they generate for the company and that consume high-cost resources to implement them.

Some processes are highly repetitive by nature, that are always the same, which are perfect candidates to be automated. As long as the entire process is analyzed from start to finish.

Concepts such as Digital Labor or Digital Worker will represent those processes that can be executed by a robot or bot. As expected, this would free up human resources to perform tasks that are more profitable for the company.

To the extent that we can understand how my business process works, we will be able to optimize it with IBM Cloud Pak tools.

cp4 auto - cloud pak for automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation: Accelerators

Gain an understanding of your current processes, find inefficiencies, and redesign or automate them.
Manage, design, and document your business processes from start to finish with BPM Workflows.
Automates repetitive processes with a low impact on the company's results.
AI recommended actions for continuous optimization.
Capture, classify, and extract information from your unstructured documents.
Manage, collaborate, and share business content with various digital applications.
Rapidly adapt the company to change with the use of business rules and automatic decisions.

Bringing innovation to business operations

The IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation platform is the foundation for digital transformation and operational automation. It consists of the following modules:

  • Process Mining
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • PA and Digital Labor
  • Content Services
  • Document Processing
  • Operational Intelligence Workflow


It is a service platform with coverage for Business Automation, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Application Integration, Network Automation, and Security.

On the one hand, Machine Learning is the term given to the learning that applications have due to experience. On the other hand, Business Rules are the constraints that must be met when executing a business process.

It is the conjunction in a cloud environment of business processes, information management, and participating users. The current challenge for companies is to improve productivity by redesigning them.

In general terms, it is an internal or outsourced process where a company reviews its capabilities to successfully execute and achieve an objective. 

It is a technology company with a portfolio of products oriented to computing power and solutions that improve the business processes of its customers.