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strategic alliances

Our connected ecosystem

We offer to our prospects and customers a connected ecosystem of organizations all working together to create a solution portfolio not only from Enterprise Architecture but also to Innovation with Digital Transformation.

Extended Network


The efforts of our business consulting firm are focused on providing advice to different industries and departments of a company.

We seek and implement those changes that generate operational efficiencies, integrating when required external collaborators from our extended network.

Enterprise Architecture

Mega International

The Mega Hopex platform helps in the design of enterprise architecture, business processes, IT, and risk management. See the complete business picture.

Intelligent BPM


Pega is recognized in the industry as a leader in Business Process Management. Pega BPM helps optimize and automate business processes with RPA.

IBM for Automation

IBM Cloud Pack

We offer IBM’s enterprise solutions platform in the public, private or hybrid cloud. Grow your business in an orderly, flexible, and scalable way.

Our Alliances

Production Chain

We are all part of the production chain.

We work together with leading technology companies offering our clients services that help reduce costs and increase their profitability.

Backup automation

Information Protection

Veeam is a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable data backup and recovery solution. Your data is your responsibility no matter where it is located.

Process Automation

Automation solutions

Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere. Redesign your business processes by considering the automation of repetitive tasks using RPA.


What Clients Say

For Linnoit it is fundamental to achieve a satisfactory experience for our customers, that is why we always seek to be in tune with their expectations, as this will allow us not only to meet but to exceed them.

Partnering is the quickest, most effective way to re-engineer a business.

- Curtis E. Sahakian