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Accelerating transformation

Who is BOC Group?

In 1995, BOC Group set out to help companies achieve their business objectives by studying and improving their processes and other core organizational assets. Prof. Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis’ research at the University of Vienna led to the concept of Business Process Management Systems, which resulted in the launch of the ADONIS tool for BPM.

The Business Transformation and Management Suite consists of the following solutions:

ADONIS, Business Processes Suite
ADOIT, Enterprise Architecture Suite
ADOGRC, Governance, Risk and Compliance Suite

ADONIS: Business Process Analysis & Redesign

For process documentation, regulatory compliance, redesign or automation, ADONIS is the ideal tool.

Business process documentation and redesign are activities that are increasingly being performed by clients of all sizes. It is important to see how organizations seek operational efficiency by redesigning their end-to-end processes and keeping track of the indicators and risks that govern them.

The ability to perform simulations that justify the redesign and implementation of a process proves to be an objective way to demonstrate and justify the use of ADONIS as a BPMN tool.

ADOIT: The Platform for Strategy and Business Transformation Management

Having a centralized platform for Enterprise Strategy and Capability Management is an invaluable and differentiating resource.

Documenting the Enterprise Architecture is not an easy task, it requires time and dedication in order to generate a digital representation of the company itself.

ADOIT is a tool that allows you to generate an enterprise architectural blueprint that is able to respond to changing challenges in an agile and orderly manner.

Its certification with Open Group’s Archimate and TOGAF provides a level of confidence and the solidity required for the daily work of an enterprise architect.

ADOGRC: The complete tool for Risk Management in a Changing World

Strengthens the Internal Control, Risk, and Compliance Systems, thus providing transparency and continuous improvement to the organization.

The path to Operational Excellence requires the adoption of business process auditing practices, process redesign and risk management.

Being able to count on a platform such as ADOGRC allows companies to have a framework that allows them to properly manage risks, improve compliance and objectively meet business goals.

The natural integration with ADONIS allows having the most detailed control for each element that makes up a business process.

Frequent Questions

It is a cloud services platform (SaaS) that allows the documentation, modeling, and redesign of a company’s Business Processes. It also allows a repository with the Process Portfolio available to anyone within the company, allows the redesign and simulation of processes, and has a wide range of reports and cross-references.

It is a software platform in the cloud (SaaS) that allows the complete or partial documentation of the Enterprise Architecture of an organization.

It is a cloud services platform (SaaS) that enables an organization’s Risk and Compliance Management. Its maximum potential is achieved when it works together

In general terms, it is a service platform that helps to respond to changes or redesigns that need to be made in business processes. It helps to document the Process Profile in terms of the Process Map, its Inputs/Outputs, the Roles of participating users, the Performance Indicators that should govern it, the Cycle Times, relationships with other processes, simulations and versioning. All of the above in a centralized repository and available to all your company’s personnel – almost nothing!

It is a technology company based in Vienna, Austria. It specialized in three products that address Business Transformation issues from the perspective of Business Processes (ADONIS), Enterprise Architecture (ADOIT) and Risk Management (ADOGRC). Linnoit is a Partner for Mexico, Colombia and Peru of this manufacturer.