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Integrated Services


Linnoit offers a range of services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of companies. Three key services are communication workshops, process redesign services as well as process documentation services.

These three business consulting services can help improve internal and external communication, increasing the efficiency and quality of business processes so that clear and detailed process documentation can be created. These services can be critical to a company’s long-term success and can be especially useful for companies seeking to improve their performance and their ability to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our Solutions

Turn-key solutions

Have a single front in your projects, we can support you from the documentation of a process to the redesign of the same with the key points for a hyper-automation.

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NeoPro: Business Process Redesign Service

Low customer satisfaction, loss of competitiveness, poor quality of products or services, lack of innovation, are the main problems to be solved when contracting this service.

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DocuPro: Business Process Documentation Service

The need to have documented business processes may be due to interests such as: complying with a regulation, obtaining a certification, knowing how your business operates, sharing them or training those involved in them...

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Lack of effective communication, lack of commitment or collaborative attitude, working in an uncoordinated manner in work teams or between areas of the company...