Buisness Process Redesign Service
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Business Process Redesign Service – BPRS

Low customer satisfaction, loss of competitiveness, poor quality of products or services, lack of innovation, are the main problems to be solved when contracting this service.

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Redesigning Business Processes

Buisness Process Redesign Service

The BPRS service consists of identifying, analyzing and redesigning one or several of your business processes, looking for the elimination of bottlenecks, unnecessary steps and duplicated tasks, with the purpose of reducing costs, improving quality, increasing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

The purpose of the BPRS service is that you can have better versions of your business processes, documented in a clear, structured and standard way, so that it facilitates its implementation and you can be more efficient, competitive and with a better perception of quality in the service by the customer.

About our BPRS service

Business Process Redesign Service What does it consist of?

Buisness Process Redesign Service
  • Identify the activities that are currently executed, as well as areas for improvement and bottlenecks.
  • Redesign and document business processes based on the
  • “Business Process Transformation” methodology.
  • Adhering to the taxonomy of the documentation you require.
  • Using ADONIS as the core tool of the service.

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By contacting us (phone, whatsapp, mail, contact form), to discuss your requirements and provide you with a commercial proposal accordingly.

From one process to the number of processes that need to be redesigned in your company.

Es nuestra propuesta, pero los fuentes se entregarán en el formato que se acuerde contigo por así convenir a tus intereses.

No, only if you have decided to receive the sources in ADONIS format because you want to start the Process Management culture in your company.

It depends on the size and scope of the process. Therefore, times vary from 2 to 5 weeks in total.