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innovating business processes in oil derivativesThe oil industry through its operations with Methane (natural gas), Ethane (light olefins) and Naphthas (aromatics) make up the main chains within the petrochemical industry.

The petrochemical industry produces the raw material for important and diverse productive chains that are relevant for many countries. Examples of these Industries are the automotive, transportation, electronic components, construction, plastics, food, fertilizers, pharmaceutical, chemical and textile industries, to name a few.

The strategic relevance that this industry has in each country and a variation in prices that many times fluctuates due to political issues rather than energy, forces all industries that confirm the various production chains to have flexible Business Processes and Information Processes that generate key information in a timely manner.


Discover in Linnoit a strong ally to analyze and redesign their processes in accordance with business strategy. We have the experience of having worked for the petrochemical industry that produces polyester fibers and PET through a complex process using as a base the purified terephthalic acid or PTA.

The challenges are the same in this industry, agile and reliable processes capable of withstanding drastic fluctuations in production volumes, but above all in prices.

Finally, we also offer our services to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) where required.

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