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Business Process Audit

For some industries it is essential that their products or services strictly comply with the regulations of external financial entities, regulatory bodies and government agencies or ministries.

Given the above, the Operational Processes Audit is a necessary activity to evaluate the level of adherence of current practices to the defined rules and controls.


Operational Process Audit

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What is business process audit?

It consists of the strict knowledge of the current execution of a given operational process. This may involve calculations, records, formulations or execution of processes in a certain order with the intention of exposing differences. The conclusion of the audit is presented with a detailed document of process deviations and proposed improvements.

Audit Types

From a business perspective, there are diverse types of audits that cater to different actors within companies, the most relevant of which are listed below.

  • Business Processes Audit: evaluates the execution of specific processes to determine their execution in accordance with the compliance of pre-established standards or objectives.

  • Internal Audit: represents the interests of the shareholders, evaluating the correct execution and good practices of the company. Its internal control functions help to document deviations from the company’s general policy for correction.

  • IT Audit: focused on the correct operation of the application software used in the company. It also reviews the way in which they control and guard the programs used and the new programs developed that are key.

  • Financial audit: commonly known as accounting audit. It is in charge of reviewing the financial position statements according to current norms or standards.

  • Tax audit: monitors the due compliance with the country’s tax laws, seeking to eliminate any risk of non-compliance.

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Audits provide service and information to various actors related to the company, which we share below:

  • General management of the company: monitors the correct operation of its business processes and compliance in accordance with the defined strategy.
  • Shareholders: the audit or internal control areas must represent the interests of the shareholders to ensure the correct operation and profitability of the business.
  • Investors: they may also be future creditors who need to know about the financial stability that minimizes the risk of their investment.
  • Government agencies or Ministries: they seek to confirm the correct compliance in the manufacture of products, delivery of services or tax payments according to the laws of the country where it operates.


Contracting of business process auditing services

Before starting with the execution of this service, it is necessary to have an inventory of the current processes to be audited. With this we can start the comparative process, documenting discrepancies and the different solution alternatives.

An audited process has a higher probability of success than an unaudited process, since the focus is on providing the best solution from a specialized point of view and with the steps determined to achieve good results.

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Not exactly, what exists is an Audited Process Profile (APP), which is also a document. On the other hand, an opinion is a document generally related to the practice and completion of a financial audit.

It is a process of detailed review of the execution of various activities of the company to obtain the deficiencies or bad practices.

Depending on the company, the area or process to be audited, there should be an annualized calendar in accordance with the strategy of the company or its governing bodies.

It serves to know precisely the current conditions of a company and compare them against the objectives set by the company itself, or by objectives considered as the industry standard.

To the general management of the company or its governing bodies, as well as to various stakeholders.


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