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System Information Processes Consulting

Most companies have information processes that are not very efficient and, even worse, not documented. Therefore, anchored in the constant risk of information inconsistencies and operational stoppages. In addition, this not only leads to waste of money, but also to delays in decision making and customer impact.

The search for operational efficiencies leads to redefine business processes and the information generated with them. Having application maps and data maps, for example, facilitates the understanding of data processing, storage and protection.

At Linnoit we offer consulting and advisory services specialized in Information Systems. We carry out diagnoses of the current application and data architectures and issue technological recommendations to guarantee an orderly and sustainable growth.

A new vision

Information Technology: A strategic area for any company

information technology processes - application impact analysis - integration of applications

Business processes give life to the products and services offered to the market. However, for them to work optimally, it is necessary to have institutional applications or specialized software for companies. In such a way that they allow the following:

  • Transforming data from processes into information.
  • Measuring process results.
  • Generate reliable and timely information for decision making.
  • Enable the creation of virtuous circles of operations.

Our services include deliverables such as:

  • Journey to Cloud Consulting
  • Applicative Architecture Design.
  • Data Architecture Design.
  • Documentation of the Information or Data Architecture.
  • Application impact analysis for business process enablement.
  • Coordination of application development projects.
  • Coordination of projects for the implementation or improvement of business management software such as ERP, CRM, BI, Call Center, among others.
  • Coordination of robot development projects for process automation (Robot Process Automation or RPA).
  • Project coordination for Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM).
  • Standard documentation of Information Processes.

When to hire Information Systems consultants?

application architecture - data architecture - application development

We recommend evaluating the hiring of our services when:

  • A business transformation project has been launched and Digital Transformation Consulting is required.
  • A Journey to Cloud or Containerization strategy is required.
  • You want to automate or optimize an operational (productive), strategic or support business process.
  • Improving the business value chain is a priority.
  • Have a process area that is continuously releasing redesigns.
  • It is necessary to document processes to be automated for the construction of RPAs.
  • For investment projects that aim to show what works and what doesn’t.
  • In the evaluation and implementation of new management software.
  • Documentation or mapping of the applicative architecture.
  • Documentation or mapping of the data architecture.
  • Coordination of development teams is required.
  • Improving current information processes is a priority.
  • When the recommendation of a software solution is required: ERP, CRM, Data Center, Call Center, IT Security, BI (Business Intelligence), among others.
  • By authority or customer regulations, when information or process cycle times are regulated by them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the main tasks it performs is to confirm that the business processes are functioning correctly with regard to the technology applications of the company’s ecosystem; in addition to continuously ensuring that the applications accurately reflect the business operations.

One of the main functions carried out by Information Process Consultants is the design and maintenance of Applications and Data Architectures, which are a graphic interpretation of the way in which both institutional and satellite applications of a company are interrelated, as well as the data that transit between them.

One of the main functions of the information process consultants is the elaboration of the Enterprise Data Map. This is a graphical interpretation of the way in which the data managed in the institutional applications are interrelated.

It is the responsibility of the people whose role within the organization is the Information Processes (applications and data), assuming the leadership of multidisciplinary teams in the areas of processes, operations and technological infrastructure.

In order to carry out an iBPM project, first it is desirable to have a Business Process Architecture; then, to have documented the business processes that will be orchestrated under this technology.


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