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Business Processes within the consumer industry will need to be completely redesigned in a post-pandemic or post-COVID-19 era. This statement is due to the fact that health measures have been imposed by many countries and self-imposed by many retail participants.

Proximity or distance between people, maximum permitted customer capacity, food handling, returns handling, merchandise exchanges, control of dressing rooms or payment methods are some of the practices that evolved as soon as preventive measures began to be implemented worldwide, with retail, particularly self-service stores, being declared a strategic sector to address the health crisis.


For self-service stores, the transition to a strengthened business model or a new business model is imminent. A model that considers basic elements such as:

  • Online sales
  • Creating communities
  • Market Selection
  • Brand presence
  • Customer knowledge
  • Customer experience

In Linnoit we are prepared to support you in rethinking your strategy and designing an Innovative Business Model and Information Processes, according to the digital era and considering the challenges of the “new normality”.

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