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Education as part of business transformation

Lack of effective communication, lack of commitment or collaborative attitude, working in an uncoordinated manner in work teams or between areas of the company, being blind to the fact that we are all customers and suppliers in some business process, are factors that lead to a problematic organizational culture.

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Develop new skills in your work teams

Comunication workshops

Increasing the efficiency, commitment and collaboration of work teams is a task that you as a leader must promote and participating in our workshops opens the possibility of achieving it, because you will be making an incursion into a cultural change based on the Ontology of Language, understanding how words create or transform realities.

Those who have participated in our workshops have found a positive cultural shift in their work teams, creating more committed, collaborative and productive environments. This shift is promoted by a series of distinctions and skills focused on making things happen with a greater chance of successful results.

Among these skills are: how to make requests and offers, negotiation strategies, handling and managing compromises, feedback as an art for improvement, listening dispositions, reflection and learning, mood management, etc.

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Strategies for effective coordination

Comunication workshops

With our workshops, you will get people to coordinate in an appropriate way to produce conditions of satisfaction, under the foundation of the Ontology of Language.

Our services accompany your business transformation strategy by leveraging a cultural change in a person, a work team, a department or the entire company.

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That’s right, there are dates scheduled for the general public, in which your co-worker(s) could participate.

By contacting us (phone, whatsapp, mail, contact form), to discuss your requirements and provide you with a commercial proposal that includes the ideal strategy and logistics for the workshops.

En los talleres pueden participar cualquier persona con el interés de coordinarse de una mejor manera con su familia, amigos, compañeros o equipo de trabajo, para hacer que las cosas sucedan.