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business processes - automotiveThe automotive industry in Mexico is an example of how a country can develop and specialize in a productive domain.

History goes back to 1921-1935, when the first investments were made by Buick, Ford, General Motors (GM) and Chrysler, with the purpose of satisfying domestic demand. By the 40s, other brands had arrived and a decree was issued prohibiting the importation of automobiles. In 1962, a decree was issued to establish the basis for the domestic automotive industry, and another decree was issued in 1972 to encourage the export of automobiles, which gave rise to the development of the automotive industry and the auto parts industry, which today ranks Mexico as one of the main automotive producing countries.

The 5 relevant facts of the future of the automotive industry for 2040

  1. The trend to reduce dependence on hydrocarbons for automotive use will continue to grow year after year, continuing with the development of at least one new marketable technology and consolidating current technologies based on electricity storage.
  2. Partnerships among various manufacturers to protect their markets will be necessary once a manufacturer in China becomes globally consolidated.
  3. Specialization and development of the Chinese automotive industry will be a reality, following the successful path they took in developing cell phones and high-speed light rails.
  4. The automotive market will begin to behave as a commodity, with the value differentiator being the technological components used and the software that manages them.
  5. The Mexican automotive market for new and used cars will be consolidated with the Canadian and U.S. markets to form a single market, making it the largest automotive market in the world.


The foregoing represents great opportunities for all players in such important industry, which will force them to remain at the forefront in many administrative and industrial aspects. At Linnoit we can be your partner for the creation of innovative, flexible, dynamic and scalable processes