end-to-end supply chain processes


supply chain optimization

The logistics industry continuously faces several challenges in a highly competitive market, mainly related to the supply chain and product distribution.

Some of the risks that companies with a supply chain continuously face are

  • Product quality
  • Inventory Management
  • Losses in transit
  • Delay in new products
  • Delays in customs
  • Cybersecurity

On the other hand, logistics or distribution companies are often making redesigns of strategies in order to improve their service day by day, at a lower cost for them:


  • Environmental certifications
  • Creation of synergies for attention to diverse destinations or population areas
  • Increased efficiency of your vehicles
  • Improved customer service and Change Management
  • Real-time merchandise monitoring
  • Refinement, measurement and progress of the last Mile
  • Technology Platforms for optimal scheduling of deliveries and routes
  • Smooth, fast and reliable Operating and Information Processes
  • Sustainability through the principles of recycle, recover, reduce and reuse

At Linnoit, over the years, we have participated in projects aimed at optimizing the supply chain under an end-to-end approach, redesigning its value chain and the Business Processes contained therein.

If you have plans to optimize or streamline your supply chain, we help you, we know how to do it.

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